One big happy family 28 degrees and raining

One big happy family Proud grandparents

Sisters! (Twins!)

Happy Birthday? I'm watching you.

Happy Birthday? There. I did it.

Wipe your face!

Bird was here. So was dog.

All who believe and are baptized Caleb

Curiosity kicked the chicken

Patiently Waiting on the farm

Patiently Waiting on the farm

In the Sun

Fresh Air Dominican Republic

BUS Stops Here

Curiosity 2


Jones Street Savannah, GA

Red Door Savannah, GA


Sweetness Ste. Genevieve, Missouri


Sleepy Girl.

Cotton Candy County Fair

Cotton Candy County Fair

Ferris.Ferris. County Fair

Hugs. A rarity. County Fair


God Bless America

Dad, I got a little muddy.

Swim Meet

Water Play

Early Advice.


New little feet.

New little hands.


Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Proud Papa